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Posted by blog - Sunday, July 23, 2006
This blog at toprank.blogspot.com has sat dormant for a year now since I moved everything over to a dedicated domain name, www.toprankblog.com. With the exception of this morning, I've made no new posts whatsoever for a year and the toprank.blogspot.com blog just won't die. Search referrals continue to come in along with blog listings, etc.

So, since the flavor of Online Marketing Blog is decidedly a mix of blog marketing, online public relations, search marketing and some web 2.0 as well, I decided to start up this blog again and focus very specifically on just SEO. Thus, the name: TopRank SEO Blog, which is kinda cool since it ranks in the top 5 on Google for "seo blog" behind Matt Cutts' blog and Aaron Wall's SEOBook.

Posts to this blog will be made by several team members at my SEO firm, TopRank. Topics will focus solely on organic search engine optimization and all the interesting things that go with it. We hope you like what's in store.


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