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Online Marketing Blog Gets Hit with DOS 
Posted by blog - Monday, February 05, 2007
It has been an interesting Monday to say the least. Our main company blog, toprankblog.com has been hit with a Denial of Service attack or something similar. I guess we found out how good or not so good the tech support was at our host. I should say our "old" host.

After 5 hours offline and no action (the led to a resolution) I decided to move hosting of toprankblog.com to a new hosting company. This is the same host as several very popular and highly trafficked blogs, so hopefully they will be better prepared for such situations.

I was hoping to wait until this weekend to make the move, but the site has been down since 11am and I cannot wait for more ambiguous answers. Hopefully the DNS propagation will have gone into effect by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.


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