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Digg Un-bans Online Marketing Blog 
Posted by blog - Friday, February 23, 2007
Today I noticed on a trackback link from Pronet Advertising that Digg has decided to un-ban a number of domain names. Neil Patel's name is listed as the author of the blog post and he lists Online Marketing Blog at the top. I appreciate the heads up.

I suspect there are people wondering what the owners of the sites that are not on Digg have to say about this.

Here's my reply: Sigh.

We weren't relying on traffic before toprankblog.com was banned and certainly haven't missed it since. In fact, our visitors, RSS subscribers and page views are up by 30%.

What I do appreciate about being "unbanned" is that if someone submits a story from our site to Digg, they will no longer get the "This domain name has been banned from submissions" type of message.

More importantly than re-including sites, I hope Digg implements policies similar to search engines as far as identifying and dealing with spam along with re-inclusion. I understand as well as anyone that mistakes can be made on both sides. But without a better process, Digg will alienate itself from growing its user base.



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