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Digital Asset Optimization Campaign Management Tips 
Posted by blog - Monday, August 04, 2008
Lee Odden Digital Asset Optimization DMA07

Optimizing web pages alone, is simply not enough in competitive categories. Increasing numbers of companies and SEO consulting companies have realized this and are adopting more formal holistic content optimization strategies. Digital Asset Optimization is a SEO Point of View that TopRank started developing in early 2007.

Managing a textbook search engine optimization program for a complex website and/or a big corporation can be challenging on its own. Managing a digital asset optimization program which involves a matrix of media types and formats with promotion channels in a big company carries even more of a challenge.

However, with that challenge comes opportunity for a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to managing DAO as an outside consultant.

The first step to managing a digital asset optimization program is to take inventory of the media assets and content types that are currently being created. It is important not to discount content because it is not published online. Many types of interactive, video and image assets that are used with CD, DVD, kiosks and various electronic advertising platforms can be repurposed for online optimization and promotion.

The second step for a successful DAO program is to create a matrix of inventoried digital assets and the corresponding promotional channels. This is helpful when a strategic promotion plan is put in place because it's easier to see what parts of a program can be promoted individually.

The next step is to keyword optimize the media and content types being promoted. Ideally, a process and training is put in place with the various content creation sources to enable new content to be optimized and promoted on an ongoing basis.

Another step in the digital asset optimization campaign management process is to create a content promotion plan. It's important to consider both the strategic DAO promotion opportunities as well as the promotion of individual media types.

For example, an entire viral campaign can be deployed leveraging not only the buzz building and word of mouth benefits, but also the ability for individual components of the program to drive traffic and attract links on their own.

Like all marketing efforts, campaign activity and conversion tracking and content interactions should be analyzed with analytics software. Monitor what's working and what's not ensuring to continuously test and refine.

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